Drinks, Re-Fills & Alcohol Ratios

How many drinks does it make?
Each bowl of the machine will make approximately 10 litres of frozen beverage. With a standard serving size of 200ml, you get roughly 50 serves per bowl.

Single bowl machine = approx. 50 x 200ml drinks.

Double bowl machine = approx. 100 x 200ml drinks.

Triple bowl machine = approx. 150 x 200ml drinks.

What percentage of alcohol volume are each cocktail?
To make mid-strength cocktails (3.6% – 3.8% alc/vol): 2L of Cocktail Syrup + 1L of Spirits (at 37.5% alc/vol) +  8L of water.

To make full-strength cocktails (4.9% – 5.2% alc/vol): 2L of Cocktail Syrup + 1.4L of Spirits (at 37.5% alc/vol) +  7.5L of water.

To make mocktails: 2L of Cocktail Syrup +  8L of water. Please drink responsibly. Disclaimer: images are not to scale.

Please note: Alcohol doesn’t freeze – that’s science! The more alcohol you add to the premix the longer it will take to turn into a frozen beverage. However, if you add more than we have suggested above, it may not freeze at all. So, remember to add the right amount and drink responsibly!

What is included in your hire package?

We provide the following as part of your hire: frozen cocktail machine/s and slushtail syrup/s (depending on how many bowls you ordered), 200ml plastic cups (recyclable), straws (biodegradable), trolley, a full demonstration of how to use the machine correctly and refill/s if required, support phone number, complementary pick-up and machine clean, tag and tested machines and public liability insurance.

Larger 285ml plastic cups are also available for a small upgrade fee.

We also leave an extra Slushtail syrup behind in case the frozen drinks are a hit and you need to refill the machine. A small fee will apply upon pick-up of the machines if used.

We care about the environment and plastic wastage

The Cocktail Wagon understands that plastic cups and straws leave a lasting footprint on the environment. We use recyclable cups and biodegradable straws.

How long will the Slushtails take to be icy and ready to drink?
Your slushie machine will take approximately 3.5 – 4.5 hours to fully slush up. We need to arrive early to get it prepared and we will call 30 minutes prior to let you know we are on the way. Keep in mind that the freeze time does depend on the ambient conditions. For the best and fastest results keep it in a well ventilated or air-conditioned area. Please do not put machines in direct sunlight and they must always be under cover/out of the elements.
Can I make one side alcoholic and one side non-alcoholic?
Yes, you can! We have a range of different flavour selections that all taste great as a mocktail slushie. You decide to add your own alcohol to the bowl/s of your choice. We do however suggest labeling the alcoholic side, just to be safe!
Can we order more Slushie or Cocktail mix/syrup to have on hand?
Absolutely! We provide an extra bottle of slushtail syrup for each flavour you order. If you don’t end up using it, we will collect at the end with no charge. You can also add more to your order if it’s an extra-large event. When the installer arrives to set up your machine they will show you what to do… and hey don’t worry, it’s easier than making a coffee!
If we run out of drinks, can we just add our own cordial or soft drink?
In short – no! Please do not add your own mix to the cocktail machines.

Why? All our pre-mixes are specially formulated to blend perfectly and at the right consistency. If you add your own mixture it may not freeze at all and may cause our machines to burn out/have a mechanical fault.

If this does occur because something not permitted was added to the machine, you will be liable for the repair costs. Please read the FAQ above about getting more pre-mix for the event.

Is there a difference between a Daiquiri machine and a slushie machine?
There’s no difference between a slushie/slushee/shlushy machine and a cocktail or daiquiri machine. The tag just varies due to company branding and what the public nickname them.

Installation, Pick-up & Costs

What areas of Brisbane do you deliver?

We offer free delivery to a 20km radius of Brisbane CBD. If you are outside of the radius, we can arrange delivery for a fee. Contact us on 1300 867 287.

Delivery and pick-up info
We want you to focus on having a fantastic event! The Cocktail Wagon offers delivery, machine set up and pick-up the same or next day after the event (depending on delivery schedules). We even clean the machine for you!

On the day of your event, we will need access to the site between 3.5 – 4.5 hours prior as the drinks take approximately 3 hours to freeze. We can also deliver the day before depending on the event’s starting time. We will email you 2-3 days before the event to confirm your information. On the day we will call/text you 30 minutes before we arrive to let you know The Cocktail Wagon is rolling in.

A person with access to the venue must be in attendance for both the set-up and pack down. This person must be able to sign paperwork and view the safety/operating demonstration.

Collection will be the next day, however over weekend and public holidays we may pick-up the following day at no extra charge.

If the event is at a hired venue, please advise us in your booking form. We may need to set-up earlier than normal due to their requirements and our access to the venue. If you are unsure of the venue’s requirements, please contact them ASAP.

Where do we put the machines?
All machines must be undercover and out of the elements.
How do we pay?
You can pay for your order online via credit/debit card or PayPal during the ordering process. We also accept direct debit or cash at the event – a $50 booking fee applies for cash payments prior to the night.
Are there any other costs?
If you require a second installer on the day due to a difficult location or multiple machines, this is free when we know PRIOR to the day of the event. If we need to call out an extra person to assist, you will be charged a $50 call out fee. If your event isn’t at home, please contact the venue to ask about the access.

Public holidays may also incur a $50 service fee.

Safety Info + Terms & Conditions

Requirements for set-up and event safety
We require access to water (key slushtail ingredient), electricity and a space for the machine that must always be out of the weather elements.

Our machines can weigh an excess of 100kg when full, so we deliver them to you on a purpose-built trolley which can safely hold the load. If you wish for the machines to sit on a bench or table please ensure they can withstand the weight as you are responsible for any damages caused to the machines.

If for whatever reason your party or event is no longer proceeding, you will receive a full refund if you cancel the event a minimum of 24 hours prior. If the event is cancelled outside this period, you will incur a 50% total fee.
What are your hire terms and conditions
You can view all of our Terms and Conditions Here